About APCI

APCI is a unique and innovative tool that combines structure with flexibility and measures the actual interaction between parent and child. It is an observational and improvisational based music therapy assessment model evaluating dyads of parent and child (child age range is 5-12). It only takes 2x25minutes to complete the APCI assessment. The model is based on video analysis and a fixed assessment protocol. It produces information of parent-child interaction and parenting competencies including level of mutual attunement, nonverbal communication, indication of attachment, and level of emotional parental response. It produces information on level of concern for emotional neglect and abuse and indicate goals for further treatment for the family.

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Jacobsen, S. L. & Killén, K. (2015). Clinical Application of Music Therapy Assessment within the Field of Child Protection
Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, 24(2), 148-166

Jacobsen, S. L. & McKinney, C. H. (2014) A Music Therapy Tool for Assessing Parent-Child Interaction in Cases of Emotional Neglect
Journal of Child and Family Studies

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